via Daily Prompt: Invitation

Hmm, interesting…so I decided to try a daily prompt…and it is Invitation…

I read some of the other bloggers posts. So many of them are different, and some seem to have taken it as an invitation to do something completely different.

I think I am taking this as an invitation to explore what daily prompts are all about! 🙂

I read about how to make your daily prompt personal, so that is what I am doing..haha

I have been enjoying getting into the whole world of blogging. Though I havent written that much yet, I am sure over time my blog will become full and have lots of followers. I am a patient human being…havent always been, but over time I have learned how to be. I think my biggest lesson in patience is when I went through 4 years of nursing school. Not only did I have to be patient with myself but I learned that I had to be in order to be able to care for my patients!

Ha funny these two words sound exactly the same Patience and Patients, and Patient has more than one meaning!

Well taking this invitation has taken me on a couple short and different paths.

Thank you Daily Prompt 🙂


Author: Kelly

I am a dancer who is also a Personal Trainer. I love helping people become better versions of themselves. I have been dancing since the age of 5 ( over the years I have been a student and teacher and performer). I have been a Trainer for 8 years. Prior to becoming a trainer I was a Registered Nurse. Many of my clients actually seek me out because of my Nursing background. I enjoyed being a nurse, but Personal Training has proven to be far more rewarding and it gives me a reason to stay fit. If I have to be a role model to many other people, its so much easier to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. I lead people through dance and fitness to be the ultimate version of themselves and Thrive through Life. I also enjoy Dancing and I teach dance as well. I take Flamenco Lessons and I teach Belly dance.

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