Why did I write The Shyness Guide?

I have not read the Shyness Guide, but I have read the Bird Catcher and Skol! Both great books in my opinion. Check out Alan Conrad

Alan Conrad

rscn4338Now that I’ve published the new edition of The Shyness Guide (the paperback anyway), it’s time to do my first real post for this blog.

On the book’s landing page here, I’ve explained my credentials for writing the book. But why, you may ask, did I feel a need to write another shyness book when there are already over 600 about shyness, introversion, social anxiety, etc? How could there be anything left to say?

Well, because shyness is almost never understood the way I understand it.

My understanding is instinctual. From the day I entered kindergarten I was acutely aware of how different I was. In my novel The Birdcatcher, Chris Stone explains that this way:

I remembered my own first day at school, that morning in September, 1953, when I crouched in a corner of the school’s old brick walls, already instinctively protecting my back, waiting for the doors…

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Author: Kelly

I am a Personal Trainer who loves to help people reach there goals. I have been a Trainer for 7 1/2 years. Prior to becoming a trainer I was a Registered Nurse. Many of my clients actually seek me out because of my Nursing background. I enjoyed being a nurse, but Personal Training has proven to be far more rewarding and it gives me a reason to stay fit. If I have to be a role model to many other people, its so much easier to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. I also enjoy Dancing and I teach dance as well. I take Flamenco Lessons and I teach Belly dance.

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