There is MORE to the CORE

Photo by Corey Motta on Unsplash

If you are looking to get amazing abs, there are far more effective exercises to be doing than crunches. I could run a whole course on why this is so, and what you should be doing instead. But this is just a post to get you thinking and to realize that there is far more to the core than meets the eye. 

When I was looking for a picture to go with this post, it was difficult because I thought, most people will expect a picture of someone’s six pack, but that’s not all the core is. I could use a picture of someone doing a sport or an exercise, but that still doesn’t truly represent the core. Some people might think, well what does someone with a body that looks like that have to do with me, or, I will never do that sport or never be able to do that move, so why will I identify with that picture?

This is why I chose this Photo. These two men doing what they are doing has nothing to do with anything most of you will likely ever do, and yet it has everything to do with every part of the core that is involved plus much more in your bodies and so is very relevant for everyone. 

Get ready, I have a major news flash! haha!! Some of you may already know this. Our core is made up of many parts, and our entire trunk from about the glutes up to the shoulder girdle is ALL Core! The full front and back! If you train your body only in isolation, you will do your body a disservice. You could seriously injure yourself either with an acute injury or through repetition cause a chronic injury and/or serious postural issues. There is so much more to say, but its really something that needs more time spent to teach people about. 

I will return to this picture. Man #1 requires overall core stability and strength in order to support man #2 on his shoulders. He also needs flexibility and mobility. Not only that, but he needs full body stabilization through large muscle groups and small stabilizer muscles within the main core unit and the rest of the body (and you know man #2’s end goal is to totally stand up tall on top of man #1. Who knows…maybe he is even planning a crazy flip or something!). Man #2 needs everything man #1 has, plus the added requirement of balance. Another news flash….balance and stability are not one in the same, and you can’t have one without the other. These need to be trained differently.  Both man #1 and #2 need the ability to use different breathing techniques in conjunction with how they use their overall core unit in order to execute what they are doing or are about to do.

So everyone, if you don’t train your full core unit, and the entire body in an INTEGRATED way, no amount of isolation exercises is going to do you any favors. What good is a body if it can’t move well?! If you train for functionality for activities of daily living, or for a sport or activity you may do, the side effect is great looking abs and body (provided you support proper training with proper nutrition). 

You may be wondering now, how do I start to get myself working towards the right things?

Are you thinking, OH MAN….. I had no idea the body was that complicated, and now I think I have no idea what I am doing when I go to the gym, and no wonder I am not seeing any changes in my body!


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Spring Updates

Happy April!!

Photo Credit – pablo-guerrero-from unsplash

Spring has finally sprung, and things at KellyKinetics are in full swing.

I have been getting myself reorganized and ready to bring the best of myself to you.

While I have been working towards developing my business, my source of part-time income as a contract employee has suddenly changed. My wish to be fully running on KellyKinetics has arrived, just way sooner than I anticipated!

Tax season is here! Have you done yours already, or have you not even started. Take this as a reminder that it is time to start if you haven’t already.

What’s happening now?

With Spring’s arrival, it’s time to think about new beginnings as the birds, flowers, trees and grass come back to life!

If your goal is to look and feel great for summer, the time to start is now!  Really the time to start for summer bodies is December/January…. But most people don’t realize that. A Lot of people wait until June, and then expect a miracle! Forget that…it is not realistic. I work on realistic goals with people. The next best time to start working on that body is March/April. Contact me to start with an initial consultation.  If you have other aspects of your life you want to work on, you can book a free 30 min call with me that will help me learn how best to help you.

There will be a variety of different emails and blogs you will see in any given month. Watch for them, there will be some great stuff coming your way.

I am currently working on the development of my new website, I have a 6 month plan for completion and by September it should be available.

What’s coming up next Month?!

I am working on developing some free introductory Bellydance classes and Beginner Bootcamps for people to try out and with interest I will start full sessions. Watch for emails and announcements regarding these. Likely as we are already into April, you can expect some starting in May. I will offer these free classes out of a variety of locations so you can choose where is best for you. Be sure to tell family, friends, and coworkers. The more the merrier!

I also plan to run a Mother’s Day promotion as of May 1st on personal training. Be sure to watch for it. If you’re mom needs to work on their health, this is the perfect gift to help them. If you are a mother who wants to work on goals and be a positive role model in your children’s lives give yourself a gift or ask for this as a gift.

Stay Connected!

You have access to me here, through email (by joining my emailing list), my facebook page, and instagram page. If you are a twitter fanatic, I am there too! Just look for KellyKinetics. Follow me. Invite your friends, family and coworkers to my pages as well.

I won’t keep you any longer, most people don’t have time to read a lengthy novel! Haha

Have a Great Day, and I look forward to sharing much more with you.


Mind Body Connection

I love the above pic!

A big part of what I try to accomplish when I train people is to ensure they achieve a mind body connection. Too many people walk through life totally disconnected from their body. I force people to reconnect and develop a relationship between their mind and body which ends up being really good for the soul too!

I ask, “where are you feeling this?”, “can you feel your ___________ working?”, “How did that feel?” This forces people  to start making that connection. If they didn’t notice during the first set, I ask them to pay attention in their second and third sets.

In addition, me asking them these questions allows me to also tweak an exercise based on what they are or are not feeling. In some cases, I may need to add an activation exercise so clients learn to feel what a particular muscle feels like in isolation before putting it to use in a fully integrated exercise.

Going through the motions is not enough to gain results. You must be mindful in everything in order to reap the greatest benefits.

You know you are fully connected when you can create an intense full activation of a muscle by doing a particular movement even without any weights at all! You have reached a “higher level of kung-fu” when you can turn muscles off and on at the flip of a switch. Now imagine that activation with weights…holy, moly!!!!

Take a moment…..

If you don’t have a trainer, are you aware of what muscles you should be recruiting for every exercise and how to best recruit/activate that muscle?

Are you mindful in your workouts/training?






Toronto Pro Show Congratulations Shout Out!

What are the odds of four Ontario top finishers and 3 overall champions coming from one 3000 square foot gym in North York? This cannot be a coincidence. Congratulations CoreFit Training, its owner Jason Marcovici and its team of elite trainers!!! #ontario
#overallchampions #topfinishers #bodybuilding #elitetrainers #personaltraining#bodybuildingcoach #teammarcovici #northyorkgyms #yongeandfinch


I am very proud of everyone! They were all so dedicated and put some long hard hours of work to prepare for last weekend.

I don’t train bodybuilders myself, but am proud to actually be a part of the elite team of trainers at CoreFit. I train people in different disciplines and at CoreFit we train people from all walks of life. We train people from the teen-aged years up to people in the 80s!! Yes, that’s right…you are never too old to start making healthy improvements in your life. 🙂

I train for general weight-loss, muscle building and strengthening. Within my methods I have also provided rehab, and i teach people how to change their lifestyles so they improve their overall health.



Congratulations to Abbie Lombardo, Cat Dupuis, Taylor Plaja and Robin Strand!!!!

Fitness Topics

I would like to be able to provide people with information about Health and Fitness Topics.

For me just because of my busy schedule, I think it would work better if people reply to this blog post with things you may want to learn about or want a different opinion about. That way I can manage my time better and not get overwhelmed with trying to make a decision about which topics to write about. Some topics may spark others at which time I will start to think about what comes next.

I look forward to hearing from youimg_20160518_183738

Welcome to my Blog

For some time I have been thinking about starting a blog. There have been many things that I think have kept me from starting one. Maybe they are just excuses, but I see those things as more obstacles to starting than anything else.

The largest obstacles have been:

Spreading myself too thin thinking that I can be super woman and make tonnes of money by not only being a personal trainer, but working at growing a travel business and a business through Arbonne.
Dealing with a health issue that was “aggravated” by doing a fitness competition in 2014. I have had fibroids for years, but they grew rapidly after the fitness competition.

For some time I have been thinking about starting a blog. There have been many things that I think have kept me from starting one. Maybe they are just excuses, but I see those things as more obstacles to starting than anything else.

The largest obstacles have been:

  1. Spreading myself too thin thinking that I can be super woman and make tonnes of money by not only being a personal trainer, but working at growing a travel business and a business through Arbonne.
  2. Dealing with a health issue that was “aggravated” by doing a fitness competition in 2014. I have had fibroids for years, but they grew rapidly after the fitness competition.

I pretty much got sucked down into being distracted by the obstacles, and thinking I could make every single one of them be as successful as the other. My reasoning was, I am generally very successful in everything I decide to do, and excel, so why would I not be able to make all 3 of these fly!?

Time passed, different events occured with the Travel and Arbonne side that were all pointing to either this is a waste of my time, or I really like this, but I just dont have the time on a consistent basis to put into either of these to make them as successful as my personal training career is.

I dropped Arbonne and immediately grew my personal training business and the new business I train in exponentially. Part of me really wanted to hold on to the Travel side of things because I had great perks and it gave me great new experiences that allowed me to grow as an individual…but in 2.5 years, really it was not paying off as it should. That was only because I was inconsistent, but it was for a reason. My passion lies in helping people develop healthier lifestyles!!! I recently gave in my official resignation, and now I feel absolutely free to further develop as a personal trainer and further develop the business.

Where do I train you ask? CoreFit Training

Once again as soon as I dropped another obstacle, immediately I continue to grow the business! I can do that, I can think about using spare time to study new courses, and I can actually use some more spare time to pick up some things I had dropped for a while. I am also a dancer. I am a professional Middle Eastern Dance Instructor and Performer, and as a hobby I am a Flamenco Dancer. I am also studying the Martial Art Muay Thai, and at some point want to pick up Jujitsu.

Even though I picked up Arbonne and the Travel piece to get myself to a place where I can do what I want where I want when I want….I can actually do that now! haha. I just have to meld my schedule in such a way to make the most money I can, then I can do anything…and selling personal training to people isnt really selling the way I approach things. All i want is to help people, provide them the best service I can in order for them to become healthier, stronger and happier versions of themselves. I can turn people into the best version of themselves! Having my nursing background has been a major factor in the way I approach personal training with people.

My other obstacle messes with my head! Having two fibroids both the size of a baby fetus actually makes me look slightly pregnant. My body otherwise looks really fit, I am strong, and I have lots of great muscle. I gained a few extra pounds….and it makes my belly look bigger than in actually is because of these fibroids. They grew really fast a few months after my first fitness competition. Now I have had my mother, my bosses mother, and a  few clients ask me if I am expecting! LMAO I have to explain to them what is going on. I hate it with a passion.  Imagine the amount of psychological work I had to do with myself first to accept a new stronger body in 2015 after getting down to a skinny nothing for the stage in November 2014. I finally came to peace with myself being heavier, but still lean and more muscular. Then these things start popping out of my belly!! So now I am going through more self-image issues because of a belly that shouldn’t be there!

I went to my family doctor, i asked for a referral to a new Gynecologist. I went, and he said either I get a hysterectomy or i use one of two methods to shrink the fibroids and then get them taken out. Even though I have no plans for children…I don’t want or feel it is necessary to cut everything out. I am 41….I still have some years before I hit menopause…I don’t want to bring it on any sooner than I have to. Another option is medication to shrink them, then a procedure to remove them….I am not a fan of starting any medication and especially one that is going to cost a couple hundred dollars a month! There was also the option to have a procedure to shrink the fibroids then a procedure to get them out.

All I hear is procedure, procedure, procedure!! Hellllloooooo!!! As a personal trainer if I am not working, I am not getting paid…so for me, I need the least amount of time off work or zero time away from work if possible. I refuse to believe I have to do anything unnecessary. I decided to look up natural or herbal ways to deal with the fibroids…..

This is where I am at now. Done some research and going to try a more “holistic” avenue first. We will see over the next few months how it goes….but at least now that I have stopped procrastinating on this option, I feel more at peace, and this health related obstacle is being plowed through now. Hence, the beginning of my blog.

This blog will be everything health, wellness and fitness related. It will be both things happening to me, and things I get asked about and am willing to share and things that are out there that I feel need to be addressed.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and our journey together!!