I have not written here in a while. So much has been going on! There have been a lot of life changes over the past little while. Some good, some appearing not to be good. But really, sometimes things that don’t seem positive are just disguised that way.

I am super happy to be really busy with personal training again. It took me about 2 years to rebuild my clientele up to where it was before I left working for a large corporation. I am happy because I am now able to help a lot of people, and income is not a worry anymore. I do miss having a lot of spare time, but the good thing about being really busy is that, I stay way more organized. I am actually able to accomplish many more things on a daily and weekly basis as well.

In January I returned to flamenco dancing after what I was told about a 2.5 year break! Man, I am never taking that long a break from flamenco ever again. I have a show coming up in August! Excited, yet scared at the same time as i have not done a stage show/recital in either Flamenco or Belly Dance in years! That is ok…i will rock it man! hahaha

Been through some injuries as well…but I am finally getting my body back to normal which means I can train myself again, I can get back into muay thai hopefully full force again and I can keep dancing!

I now just need to find the moment for my next small, medium and large vacations! I need to get away!

As I sit at my desk typing this, i am listening to the sound of the rain falling outside my window and a bus going by. Just waiting to finish my laundry and then make dinner and meal prep for the next couple days.

I have some exciting things coming up!

  • Reunion Lunch with a group of girlfriends who were my very first serious bellydance students ever
  • Flamenco Juerga (Party) hosted by my flamenco dance teacher Carmen Romero
  • My mom’s 76th birthday

Until then…..



Take the Time

Every once in a while you need to give yourself time so you can re-energize yourself and be an even better version of yourself! Take a me day….I am! me-day-2016


via Daily Prompt: Invitation

Hmm, interesting…so I decided to try a daily prompt…and it is Invitation…

I read some of the other bloggers posts. So many of them are different, and some seem to have taken it as an invitation to do something completely different.

I think I am taking this as an invitation to explore what daily prompts are all about! 🙂

I read about how to make your daily prompt personal, so that is what I am doing..haha

I have been enjoying getting into the whole world of blogging. Though I havent written that much yet, I am sure over time my blog will become full and have lots of followers. I am a patient human being…havent always been, but over time I have learned how to be. I think my biggest lesson in patience is when I went through 4 years of nursing school. Not only did I have to be patient with myself but I learned that I had to be in order to be able to care for my patients!

Ha funny these two words sound exactly the same Patience and Patients, and Patient has more than one meaning!

Well taking this invitation has taken me on a couple short and different paths.

Thank you Daily Prompt 🙂